Obama and Biden Released Christmas Playlists for All Your Presidential Parties


Regardless of what you think of President Obama’s politics, there’s one thing about him that is undeniable: he is a person. And, as a person, Obama loves things just like the rest of us. He loves movies, cigarettes, basketballs, dogs, and his family. And he also loves music — and Christmas.

So, of course Obama has done the Obama thing and released a Christmas playlist courtesy of the Obama family. It’s almost exactly what you’d expect: start off with some classic jazz, hit up that Boyz II Men and Mariah, finish with some Destiny’s Child, Luther Vandross, and Whitney Houston. Listen below.

Vice President Biden loves Christmas music, too, but he likes the harder stuff. His playlist starts off with the Boss and Neil Diamond, moves into some Coldplay and U2, has another dose of Springsteen, and finishes off strong with some McCartney. Ugh, that’s so Biden, right?

Listen to Biden’s playlist below:

This, paired with the fact that Obama is appearing alongside Jerry Seinfeld on his web series, really finds the President finishing out his second term in a super-hip fashion. That’s not a bad legacy, I guess: Hippest President of All Time.