Christopher Nolan’s Next Film is Reportedly a WWII Drama


Christopher Nolan, having finally escaped from the Bat Cave and come down to earth from the interdimensional Intserstallar, has reportedly signed on to film his next project. Titled Miracle of Dunkirk, the film will be a fictionalization of Operation Dynamo, which saw the 1940 evacuation of more than 330,000 Allied soldiers from the shores of Dunkirk, France.

The reports of Nolan’s involvement with the film stem from the French newspaper La Voix Du Nord, which says that Nolan and his brother Jonathan have been scouting locations in France, or so says a bad translation of the text, anyway. This news comes with the already-known fact that Warner Bros. has a mystery Nolan-directed feature scheduled fro a 2017 release, and Miracle of Dunkirk is expected to be that mystery feature. If true, this will be Nolan’s first film based on true-life events.