Extremely Valuable Franchises Collide in Fan-Made Lego Version of the ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer


What’s more 2015 than a trailer for the third installment in a superhero franchise treated like more of an event than an actual movie? A stop-motion Lego version of said trailer, of course!

YouTube user JimA73 has combined two of the most profitable intellectual properties of the modern age — the Marvel Cinematic Universe, on the one hand, and the beloved building blocks that have spun another unlikely franchise, on the other — into a shot-for-shot remake of the Civil War trailer, which pits Cap against Iron Man in…some kind of fight about Bucky, the erstwhile Winter Soldier. The details aren’t entirely clear.

The trailer is undeniably impressive, in terms of both accuracy and the obvious effort that went into it. Of course, it’s also a perfect summation of where mainstream movies are at going into 2016. Watch the full clip below: