John Oliver Helps Us Deal with the 2016 New Year’s Resolutions We’ve Already Broken


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver may be on hiatus, but the satirical newsman isn’t going to leave you hanging as you face your first personal quandary of 2016, the New Year’s resolution.

Pointing out unfortunate truths the public would rather ignore is Oliver’s forte, and as we start a new year, it only makes sense that he would provide a humorous, if not entirely helpful way of staving of our own personal ignorance.

In a digital short, Oliver has a surefire way to keep you from failing to meeting your own personal standards in 2016. Rather than getting hung up on failure if (when) you don’t live up to your expectations, just reframe your goal so you’re still on track.

“If you haven’t gone to the gym yet,” Oliver says, “simply lower standards for what counts as exercise…”


Last Week Tonight with John Oliver returns to HBO in February, 2016.