Judd Apatow’s Netflix Comedy Series ‘Love’ To Drop in February


Judd Apatow is always writing for or producing TV series created by other people — Girls, The Simpsons — but it’s been a while since he’s actually worked on a series of his own. Well, that time is now, as Entertainment Weekly has revealed that his new Netflix comedy, Love, will be released, all at once, on February 19.

Love, which Apatow co-wrote with star Paul Rust (Comedy Bang! Bang!, Inglorious Basterds), is a 10-episode series that focuses on a couple played by Gillian Jacobs (Community, Life Partners) and Rust. Rust is the nice guy who has just gone through a breakup, and Jacobs is the crazy girl who hates her job. Oh, she’s also, by coincidence, experienced a breakup, so, you know. They get together, or talk about getting together, and she’s crazy and he’s funny and cute and they’re both neurotic!

Netflix has released a pretty tame teaser, which you can find below. It’s perhaps the most tease-y teaser ever, as it says almost nothing about the show. But still, watch it! And then watch the show, because it’s already secured a two-season deal.