Watch: Seth Meyers Is the Subject of the Troubling Docuseries, ‘Making a Talk Show Host’


Late Night with Seth Meyers returned with perhaps the most apt post-holiday reference: Making a Murderer , and the fact that, in the last few weeks, Netflix’s crime docuseries dominated cultural conversation, splitting the pre-Making a Murderer and post-Making a Murderer world into two.

(At least, until the next Serial/The Jinx/Making a Murderer comes along. Oh wait.)

Thus, it makes sense that a Late Night TV show host — someone who’s a vessel of viral cultural discourse — would reemerge post-Making a Murderer as something of a facsimile of the series/Steven Avery (the twice-questionably-convicted subject of the series). Seth Meyers’ return to late night and Late Night was formatted in the vein of Making a Murderer in this short parody — the bleak, provocative Making a Talk Show Host. Watch: