Trevor Noah Welcomes You to 2016 with a Rundown of Recent Ridiculousness


Late night TV has returned after the holidays, which mostly means people’s morning routines will once again include watching clips from the best of the late night shows they didn’t actually watch. While Seth Meyers’ team chose to mark the host’s return to late night by turning Late Night into Making a Murderer, Trevor Noah took a somewhat more traditional route on The Daily Show. He recapped some of the ridiculous and legitimately worrisome news stories that’d emerged over the holidays, predominantly in the U.S. So if you want to see, in highly condensed fashion, just how nauseating a condensed two weeks of (select) Americentric news can be, this should do the trick.

He begins somewhat lightly, with Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe gaffe and some particularly extreme responses to it in Colombia. Then, he moves on to the formal charges against Bill Cosby by Andrea Constand, and the muffin defensively mentioned his 2006 testimony as well as in the recently filed 18-page affidavit that led to the arrest warrant for Cosby. Noah later covers “affluenza” teen Ethan Couch, getting increasingly incredulous about the absurdity of the news:

How douchey is this kid? You go all the way to Mexico and order [Domino’s] pizza?…You belong in prison for that, my friend. And for all the manslaughter, obviously… Right now there’s probably a Mexican Trump in Mexico somewhere saying, ‘You see? That’s why we need to build a wall. America is sending us all their drunk drivers and their drunk drivers’ mothers, and some people I assume are good, but for the most part it’s these assholes.’

He continues, moving into a longer and equally funny segment on Texas’ new open carry gun law, screening a PSA about the law in which a white Texan — seemingly deemed to be unsuspicious by the PSA — buys a bottle of cabernet with a fat shotgun attached to his hip.

Watch Noah’s full rundown of recent American ridiculousness: