Bowie Teases “Lazarus” Video in Which He Has No Eyes, Again


David Bowie’s upcoming album (Blackstar) is out this Friday, but he’s been working the promo cycle hard for months. First was the video for “Blackstar,” then the release of “Lazarus,” which was followed by Michael C. Hall performing the song on The Late Show. Now, Bowie has released a brief teaser for the official video for the song.

The clip is a true tease, showing only a few seconds of a blindfolded Bowie as he writhes in bed. It’s keeping in line with the Lynchian aesthetic of the rest of the promo he’s been doing, which is a good thing, because this has been one of the strongest album cycles by a legacy artist in years —though, really, what else would you expect from Bowie?

Watch the video below, and look out for the full video this Thursday.