Courtney Love Sings a Perfectly Imperfect Cover of Radiohead’s “Creep”


90s Radiohead! 2016 Courtney Love! Both are “so fucking special,” as the lyrics of a certain Radiohead song Courtney Love just covered go.

Last night, at Linda Perry’s private Los Angeles party that luckily became public thanks to the recording you can watch below, Love took over the stage with a full band and performed Radiohead’s breakout hit, “Creep” (off Pablo Honey).

Like Thom Yorke, whose slurry voice perfectly characterized the drunken narrator/”creep'”s self-loathing (so much self-loathing that the band ultimately loathed the song!), Love uses her gravelly singing to immense impact in her rendition. It doesn’t always sound smooth, it doesn’t always sound good, and that’s perfect for the track that’s the most known relic of Radiohead’s earlier rawness.

The party was thrown in celebration of the success of Linda Perry’s song “Hands of Love,” performed by Miley Cyrus for the 2015 film Freeheld. As noted by Yahoo, the event was attended by a variety of celebrities — who got to experience quintessential Love live — including Tobey Maguire, Jodie Foster, Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain, Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, Jimmy Kimmel, Aisha Tyler, Jakob Dylan, and Roseanne‘s Sara Gilbert (who’s married to Perry).

Watch Love’s performance: