David Bowie Releases Bizarre, Beautiful “Lazarus” Video


David Bowie and his (Blackstar) album cycle have done it again: after previewing the video for latest single, “Lazarus,” the art legend released the full thing this morning, and it’s a doozy. At four minutes long, it doesn’t quite match the narrative punch of the video for “Blackstar,” but it manages to do what few music videos can: confuse and compel. It was directed by Johan Renck, who also directed the “Blackstar” film. He released this statement, via Pitchfork:

One could only dream about collaborating with a mind like that; let alone twice. Intuitive, playful, mysterious and profound… I have no desire to do any more videos knowing the process never ever gets as formidable and fulfilling as this was. I’ve basically touched the sun.

The song was released in-full at the end of 2015, and it’s also the only song from Blackstar that appears in Bowie’s Off-Broadway play, Lazarus. Michael C. Hall stars in that production, and in December performed the song on Colbert.

Blackstar is out tomorrow via Columbia. Watch the video for “Lazarus” below.