Kevin Spacey Is Running a Studio Now


Everyone knows Kevin Spacey as one of our most respected and gifted actors, winner of two Academy Awards and creator of some of the most memorable villains in recent moviedom. And his fans – particularly those immersed in the theat-uh – know he spent a dozen years as artistic director of London’s famed Old Vic theater. Now he’ll call upon both of those skill sets, as the newly appointed chairman of Relativity Media’s filmmaking division.

The appointment is the result of Relativity’s acquisition of Spacey’s Trigger Street Productions; their credits include his Netflix series House of Cards and several films, including The Social Network, 21, and Captain Phillips. That acquisition aside, the company – which was founded in 2004 and has produced and/or distributed several hits, including Ride Along, Identity Thief, Zero Dark Thirty, 21 Jump Street, and four Fast/Furious films – is bleeding red ink, filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in July.

Hopefully, Spacey and Trigger Street partner Dana Brunetti (who was simultaneously named president of the studio) will help turn that around. In fact, we’ve acquired this exclusive footage of Spacey’s first day on the job:

BUT SERIOUSLY, the pair’s hearts seem to be in the right place. “While other studios are focusing on tentpoles and franchises, there is a void with an eager audience for films that are character driven with great storytelling that can be made at a reasonable budget,” Brunetti said. “Being a disruptor at heart, I look forward to the opportunities that being inside a studio system will present.”

“They thought we were crazy when we chose to do House of Cards with an online streaming service; they thought I was crazy when I went to run The Old Vic Theatre when no one thought it could be saved; and this move with Relativity will be proof for some that we really are crazy,” said Spacey. “This is an incredible opportunity to make great entertainment.”

Fair enough, and good luck to everyone. Word to the wise, Relativity folks: when he says Sweet ‘N Low, get him Sweet ‘N Low.