Watch Seinfeld Perform Five Minutes of Comedy on ‘Colbert’


Jerry Seinfeld has become such a pop culture icon, what with his Seinfeld and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and general omnipresence, that it’s easy to forget that he started out as a humble comic, working the rounds at small clubs around the country. That era is long gone, of course. He’s now doing comedy, on the rare cases he does it, at a yearlong residency at New York’s Beacon Theater. He’s also doing it on The Late Show.

He appeared this Wednesday to promote the aforementioned residency at the Beacon, and his tight performance serves as a reminder as to why he became so famous to begin with. It’s not a groundbreaking set, and he doesn’t touch on the existential torture of life the way a Louis C.K. does or George Carlin did, but he talks about obesity, doughnut holes, supermarkets, and TV dinners in a way that’s pretty funny. It’s worthy of a smirk or two, maybe even a chuckle.

Watch Seinfeld below, and pick up tickets for his residency here, if you’re lucky enough to find any available seats.