Guillermo del Toro in Talks to Direct ‘Fantastic Voyage’ Remake


Guillermo del Toro doesn’t manage to produce a ton of work, but he sure does keep busy. Earlier this week it was announced that he’d inked a deal to produce a new DreamWorks show for Netflix called Trollhunters, which is an adaptation of del Toro’s YA book of the same name. Now, The Hollywood Reporter has news of del Toro possibly directing a remake of the 1966 classic Fantastic Voyage.

The project is in development at Twentieth Century Fox along with James Cameron’s Lightstorm Entertainment. The screenplay was written by David S. Goyer, who co-wrote all of those gritty Christopher Nolan Batman, as well as del Toro’s own superhero film, 2002’s Blade II. Del Toro and Goyer are reportedly still tweaking the script, which will focus on a team of scientists shrinking themselves to a size smaller than a human cell in order to explore, head-first, a viral invasion taking place inside of a very important person’s body.

The first film was set against the beginnings of the Cold War, and the explored body in that film belonged to a scientist who had defected from the USSR. Maybe this remake will feature an ISIS defector, but let’s pray that that doesn’t turn out to be the heavy-handed case. (The story that the original film was based on was not political at all, and instead was meant as a kind of an old-timey science spectacle.) Hopefully this film, regardless of political content, gets off the ground and into theaters, because the idea of del Toro designing the insides of a human body is so gnarly that it needs to be seen.