Ana Gasteyer and Wyatt Cenac’s Alien Abductee Show Ordered to Series


Earth’s creators just cannot get enough of the unknown. We’ve got the sequel to Independence Day, Hilary talking about UFOs, and now, People of Earth, a new comedy series on TBS about an alien abductee support group. The previously announced show will star SNL alum Ana Gasteyer as an alien abduction survivor alongside The Daily Show vet Wyatt Cenac, who plays a skeptical reporter investigating the claims of the members of an abductee survivor group.

The series, which is being co-executive produced by Conan O’Brien and Greg Daniels (The Office), will premiere with a 10-episode season later this year. Aside from the two headlining stars, the show will feature plenty of comedy’s best supporting players: Oscar Nuñez (The Office) plays a priest who lends the space to the support group; Luke Jones (Her) plays a tollbooth worker who is also an expert on all things extraterrestrial; and Richard Shenk (Vinyl) as a man who is convinced that his wife is being held captive by aliens.

No word yet on an exact premiere date for the series, or whether or not Cenac turns out to be a real alien (I’m sure he does), but this is surely one to look out for.