Watch the Hilarious Trailer for Wyatt Cenac’s Just-Greenlit Alien Abduction Comedy, ‘People of Earth’


Yesterday, TBS announced that it had greenlit Wyatt Cenac’s alien abduction comedy, People of Earth, for a 10 episode first season, to air later this year. Now, the network has also shared an extremely enticing first trailer, replete with alien movie-spoofing light beams, ridiculous-looking aliens, and interviews with the characters who claim to have been abducted.

The show sees Wyatt Cenac’s reporter character traveling to a small town to investigate an alien abductee support group, of whom he’s skeptical — until he begins to realize that he, too may be in need of some alien abductee support.

The trailer for the show (which is executive produced by Conan O’Brien and created by David Jenkins) depicts Cenac’s character Ozzie Graham as he goes around town interviewing alleged abductees, and their personal accounts — until Ana Gasteyer’s therapist character (who runs the support group) awakens him to the possibility that he was likewise abducted. It also features an alien with a somewhat testicular head telling another alien to “eat a dick.” Which is amusing.

Watch the trailer: