Michael Shannon and Kevin Spacey Make History in New ‘Elvis & Nixon’ Trailer


In 1970, just a few weeks before the new year, history was made: Elvis Presley walked up to the White House gate and demanded to see President Richard Nixon. He wanted to be a secret agent. He wanted to have a badge. And he wanted to do ridiculous kung fu. It was perhaps the most important event in the whole year, and now it’s coming to theaters as Amazon’s Elvis & Nixon. The first trailer has just been released.

The trailer reveals that the Liza Johnson-directed film is steering clear of the typical biopic schmaltz and going for more of a slapstick-y vibe, which is very appropriate because it is impossible to take Michael Shannon seriously as Elvis, and Kevin Spacey as Nixon is only slightly more believable. The dynamic duo is the main attraction, but the supporting cast is nothing to balk at, with Colin Hanks as Egil Krogh and Evan Peters as Deputy Assistant to the President Dwight Chapin. Johnny Knoxville is around, too, for good measure.

Watch the trailer below — it’s very funny. The Amazon-produced film is set for theatrical release on April 15.