Flavorwire’s Official 2016 Golden Globes Drinking Game


The 73rd Golden Globe Awards airs tomorrow evening, hosted by comedian Ricky Gervais. We’ll be live tweeting the insanity with Film Editor Jason Bailey and TV Editor Alison Herman, using the #GoldenGlobes hashtag. Play along and get boozy with us using Flavorwire’s official Golden Globes drinking game as your guide. It’s the only way we’re going to survive the celebrity nonsense that is sure to ensue. Cheers!

Take a drink whenever…

host Ricky Gervais cracks another joke about “Jodie Foster’s Beaver” or Mel Gibson (who is presenting an award).

someone mispronounces Saoirse Ronan’s name, John Travolta-style.

someone confuses Jennifer Lawrence with Amy Schumer.

Leonardo DiCaprio and the Revenant bear are the target of a terrible joke, meaning any joke at all.

someone flirts with Oscar Isaac and Idris Elba.

Finish your drink if…

Ricky Gervais’ cat Ollie gets to be Miss Golden Globe.

Lady Gaga is inspired by her character on American Horror Story: Hotel and dresses like Catherine Deneuve in The Hunger. Drink two drinks if she brings David Bowie as her date.

Channing Tatum arrives to the red carpet dressed as Beyoncé.

someone mistakes Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs for Giles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Helen Mirren, our eternal crush, does anything at all.

Do a shot if…

Carol wins all the awards, because yes please.

A skirt-wearing Jaden Smith pulls a Kanye and tries to crash speeches from Transparent‘s Jeffrey Tambor or The Danish Girl‘s Eddie Redmayne.

Jon Hamm drinks a Coke or repeats his stage crawl.

someone actually understands what Sylvester Stallone and Al Pacino are saying.

someone screams “Witness me!” Mad Max: Fury Road-style to get the audience’s attention.

Finish the bottle if…

someone else announces their lawsuit against Quentin Tarantino.

Tom Noonan’s voice mysteriously echoes throughout the Beverly Hilton Anomalisa-style, narrating the Hollywood malaise on display.

Taraji P. Henson has to get Cookie on another actress if they win the Best Performance in a Television Series award over her. She’s earned it.

Steve Carell tries to take over hosting duties.

Michael Shannon creeps everyone out. Here’s hoping!