Watch Kendrick Lamar in a Promo for ‘Black-ish’


ABC sitcom black-ish has, in its short runtime, become one of the most popular and important sitcoms on television. It makes perfect sense, then, that one of the most popular and important musicians of today is a fan of the show. Or, at least, he’s enough of a fan to appear in a promo for the show.

The premise for the video, which you can watch below, is as simple as the Johnson kids wanting to go viral with a “cool video,” and so they dream up a music video for Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly track “Alright,” featuring the Johnson family and Lamar hanging out on a couch. He’s eating something — we don’t know what! — from a giant red bowl.

It’s all a lot of fun, and it’s a reminder that, even though Kendrick Lamar makes serious, important music — perhaps the best of 2015 — he’s not above having a good, carefree time while eating mysterious foods from big bowls.