Frank Underwood Is the Leader We Deserve in New ‘House of Cards’ Teaser


Is Frank Underwood, the megalomaniac politician played by Kevin Spacey in Netflix’s House of Cards, really the leader we, the people of the United States of America, deserve?

According to the new teaser released last night, the answer is: yes.

The teaser finds Underwood seated in the Oval Office, talking about all the vague things Americans deserve in a president. The speech intensifies as images of Underwood’s transgressions are flashed in conflict with the platitudes he’s spouting, apparently, to the American voters.

It’s an understated, sly ad that gets at the show’s underlying criticism of politics (and humanity?) in general, which is that most humans who desire public office wear two or three very different faces in their lives, spouting the necessary rhetoric to get votes while living a daily existence that runs as strictly counter to the principles they espouse.

Watch the clip below, via Twitter. House of Cards returns for its fourth season this March on Netflix. If that’s too long to wait, there’s also this fun Frank Underwood website. He’s running under the banner “FU2016,” which is just about the best sentiment you could ever hope to express in regard to the upcoming election.