Aaron Paul Doesn’t Like Hugh Dancy’s Cult in New Teaser for Hulu’s ‘The Path’


We’ve known about (and been excited by) Hulu’s upcoming original series, The Path, for a while now, but we’ve finally got some actual footage, and it’s very promising.

Aaron Paul, who deserves another meaty role after serving as the unexpected moral compass of Breaking Bad, plays Eddie Lane, husband to Michelle Monaghan’s Sarah. Eddie is a recent convert to the Meyerist Movement, a cult-ish religion lead by Hugh Dancy. Eddie’s devotion to the movement is faltering, which is a problem because his wife was born into the thing and is a key figure. The Path will explore that struggle.

It’s worth noting that The Path is not about Scientology or another worldwide cultish religion, but is instead about a much smaller, grassroots kind of cult a la Jim Jones’ Peoples Temple and the various other contained cults that have sprung up all over the world. As Indiewire reports, creator Jessica Goldberg said that she wanted to “invent her ideal faith.”

And then, of course, with any faith, there’s a dark side to it. I felt it would be too narrow, and wouldn’t allow us the same storytelling opportunities, if we put this into something that already existed.

The Path will premiere on March 30 on Hulu.