Here Are the Actors Who Could Score Big as Young Han Solo


Variety is reporting a confirmed shortlist of the actors who are possibly set to play young Han Solo in an upcoming Star Wars film.

The list is a veritable who is that again of would-be A-list Hollywood actors: Dave Franco (who cannot stop being Franco, just like James), Jack Reynor (I don’t know), Scott Eastwood (Clint’s attractive son), Logan Lerman (the kid from Fury, that movie where Brad Pitt killed Nazis), Emory Cohen (who was in Brooklyn), Blake Jenner (Glee, no relation to Caitlyn, Kylie, or Kendall), Miles Teller (Hollywood’s youngest windbag), and Ansel Elgort, who DJs under the name Ansolo, so should probably just be given the part.

The role is being cast far ahead of the expected beginning of the “young Han Solo” spinoff, but it’s expected that the young scoundrel will make an appearance in Rogue One, which is set between the events of Episode III and IV. At any rate, the next Star Wars movie isn’t meant to be released until this December — and yet, the news hasn’t stopped! Star Wars truly is the gift that keeps on giving.