Watch David Bowie in Unaired ’60 Minutes’ Clips from 2003


With the passing of David Bowie this past Sunday, the Internet has been overrun with Bowie #content, most of it a recycling of old stuff. Good news, then, for those of us still (and always) hungry for fresh Bowie clips: 60 Minutes has posted a handful of never-before-seen clips of a series of 2003 interviews with the legendary singer.

The clips, which were filmed over a period of four months, cover a broad spectrum of topics, from the particularities of the Ziggy Stardust character to his unique songwriting process to the very first time he ever went into a recording studio. The main takeaway of the clips, though, are Bowie’s willingness to playfully discuss the finer points of his working life. He somehow makes the (correct) claim that his songs are great without coming off as arrogant or big-headed, a sign of not only his intellect but also his openness to the intellect of those around him.

Head over to CBS for the full lot of clips.