Steven Avery Filed an Appeal and Everyone Has Something to Say About It


Making a Murderer subject Steven Avery has filed an appeal for his 2007 murder conviction Monday, claiming local police crafted an unlawful warrant for his arrest, and his trial was unfairly influenced against him.

Filed with the Wisconsin appeals court in Madison, Wisconsin, the appeal claims Avery should be released on bond in light of the fact that an improper search warrant issued during the investigation should have made certain evidence impermissible in court. According to the Associated Press, Avery also claimed one of the jurors in his trial repeatedly told their colleagues that “Steven Avery is f**king guilty.” Lastly, Avery said the jury was biased by judge Angela W. Sutkiewicz, who he claimed made misleading statements about him during the trial.

Avery seems to be making the appeal without the aid of legal counsel. His attorney’s name does not appear on the document.

The appeal comes amid, and possibly in response to, a large public response to Making a Murderer , the Netflix documentary series that follows the events of Avery’s trial. An online petition asking the White House received just under 130,000 signatures, though the White House has responded, pointing out that the president can only intervene in federal trials. A second petition on has accrued more than 418,000 signatures.

Other figures involved in the series are also getting involved. Brad Dassey, half-brother of Avery’s nephew and convicted co-conspirator Brendan Dassey, has released a rap song called “They Didn’t Do It,” advocating for his convicted family members. Making a Murderer co-creators Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi also advocated on Avery’s behalf on Late Night with Stephen Colbert Tuesday.

On the other side, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker posted a link to the 2011 decision upholding Avery’s conviction on Facebook Monday, asking Making a Murderer viewers “not to jump to conclusions.”