Watch a New Teaser for Season 4 of ‘Orphan Black’


Tatiana Maslany and all of her Orphan Black sister-clones are headed back to the small screen this spring, and now, with this new teaser, we’ve got a look at what could be coming down the tube in the 10-episode fourth season.

At exactly 30 seconds, the clip below is a true teaser, and features a voiceover from Maslany that does not bode well for any one of her various clones/personalities. “The only way forward is to go back,” she says, which alludes to something confirmed in the BBC’s announcement of the fourth season. Basically, a lot of old relationships are going to be thrown into turmoil so that progress can be made, one way or another.

This isn’t the first teaser for Season 4 that’s been released, though — one was released on Christmas day of 2015. It’s even shorter than this new clip, and features a close-up of a pupil that is, wait for it, actually a camera lens. Whoa. Watch it below.

New episodes of Orphan Black are expected sometime this spring.