‘Nerds’ Will Be a Broadway Musical About Bill Gates and Steve Jobs


Computer scientists are always singing when they code, right? They’re practically always portrayed on film as coding away, singing staccato rhythms to match the beat of their fingers as they pluck away at their next life-changing tech solution. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were especially guilty of this, and so their vocal proclivities are being taken to the stages of Broadway, in the form of a musical comedy called Nerds.

The show was written by partners Jordan Allen-Dutton and Erik Weiner, while Hal Goldberg wrote the music. The show was first produced by the Philadelphia Theatre Company way, way back in 2005, but has since attracted renewed attention, obviously, because of the 2011 passing of Steve Jobs and his subsequent immortalization in several biographies and biopics, most recently (and notably) the Aaron Sorkin-penned Steve Jobs.

The Broadway version of the play will be directed by Casey Hushion, who has previous experience on Elf, In The Heights, and The Drowsy Chaperone. It’ll be choreographed by Emmy winner and Tony nominee Josh Bergasse (On the Town, Smash). The cast will be announced soon. It will apparently feature “on-stage holograms; projection mapping; and an enhanced theatergoing experience through app integrations that allow users to interact with the set and other audience members.” Technology!

Tickets are available now. Previews start March 31.