‘Star Wars”s Poe Dameron Will Star in New Comic Series


Poe Dameron, everyone’s favorite handsome, best-in-galaxy Rebel pilot played by Oscar Isaac, had upsettingly little screen-time in what is now the (second) biggest movie of all time, 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens. But, good news, Poe-heads! He’s getting his own series of comics, courtesy of Marvel.

USA Today first reported that the comic series was in production, and it was later confirmed via Twitter by writer Charles Soule that BB-8, Poe’s sassy droid, would also be featured in the series.

The comic, which will be available in April, tells the story leading up to the opening scenes of The Force Awakens, in which Poe meets Lor San Tekka (Max von Sydow) on Jakku about finding the missing Luke Skywalker. It will also highlight Poe’s flying skills, and show just how he became known as the best pilot in the Rebellion.

Phil Noto, who is illustrating the comic, told USA Today that he’s studying Isaac’s filmography in order portray his mannerisms exactly. “Seeing so much of him on screen, it’s easier in a way to act that part out in my head while I’m drawing: How would Oscar Isaac act in this situation as Poe Dameron?” Noto says.

It’s a question we ask ourselves every day.