David Bowie’s 1999 Video Game Is Free Until Jan. 22


Can’t get enough David Bowie in your life, but feel as though you’ve exhausted all of his rarities, B-sides, and live recordings? You’ve watched all of the movies so many times that you’ve somehow figured out the plot to The Man Who Fell to Earth? Worry not, super Bowie fan: for a limited time, Square Enix is giving away virtual copies(for free!) of the only video game the Starman ever appeared in, Omikron: The Nomad Soul.

You can go here to place an order for the game, and enter “omikron” as a coupon code in order to waive the $9.99 price. As of right now, there only seems to be a waiting list, but hopefully Square Enix will realize this thing is going to blow up and get its act together before the self-imposed deadline of January 22 comes to pass.

Afraid of committing to a free, PC-only video game from 1999? Well, it’s supposed to be pretty great. It has 4.5 stars on the Steam platform, which is extremely trustworthy as far as the quality of a video game. It also stars David Bowie as an alien wisp man. What’s not to love? The thing is even so old that it can probably run on any Mac’s virtual machine.

Watch a video of the very 1999-gameplay below: