Jennifer Lawrence to Play Castro’s Lover-Turned-Assassin in ‘Marita’


Jennifer Lawrence will star in a film inspired by the life of Marita Lorenz, Fidel Castro’s lover who was later hired by the CIA as an assassin.

Written by American Hustle screenwriter Eric Warren Singer, Marita will be a “romantic spy drama” inspired by Lorenz’s life story, according to The Hollywood Reporter . Scott Mednick and Andre Rouleau have also signed on to produce.

Lorenz was 19 when she met and had an affair with Castro in 1959. She fled Cuba after having an abortion and became an anti-Castro activist in the U.S., where the CIA recruited her to return to Cuba to assassinate the Communist leader in 1960, but supposedly backed out because she loved him.

Though the film may focus on that early, Castro-centric phase of her life, it was simply the jumping off point for a career playing Cold War spy games with foreign diplomats for the FBI. She has also claimed to have been involved in the assassination of president John F. Kennedy. Huh.