Daily Dose: New York on the Clock


PBS-produced online video series New York on the Clock reveals the making of a metropolis, one worker at a time.

In each of the documentary on-the-job interviews posted bi-weekly on Thirteen.org, one of the city’s eight million people — from a film location scout to a tugboat captain — illuminates his or her professional experience. This week, New York on the Clock profiles a renowned Brooklyn mohel to coincide with the beginning of Hanukkah; just before Christmas we’ll hear from the Saks Fifth Avenue window dresser.

Nominate a New Yorker with an interesting job, watch the entire archive, and follow the series’ latest Twitter updates.

Cantor Philip Sherman has performed over 20,000 circumcisions and claims he was at one time the only mohel in Manhattan.

Known as Star Eyes, Vivian Host has been a DJ for over 15 years. After moving from California five years ago, she joined up with like-minded DJs to form Brooklyn’s Trouble & Bass crew.

Laura Berning earns a living by knocking on strangers’ doors and asking to peek inside. She’s scouted and managed locations for major Hollywood motion pictures including Quiz Show, Donnie Brasco, and Spider-Man 2.

Gerry Menditto was born and raised in Coney Island. He began working as an electrician at Astroland in the mid-1970s, and eventually found himself at the controls of the world-famous Cyclone roller coaster.