Andrew Haigh Will Direct an Alexander McQueen Biopic


On the eve of the release of his 45 Years, Andrew Haigh — the beloved writer and director of Weekend — has signed on to direct a forthcoming biopic focusing on the life of the legendary designer Alexander McQueen. Produced by Damian Jones and Pathe, and written by Chris Urch, the biopic will look to the McQueen biography Blood Beneath the Skin for some inspiration, but also draw upon other sources.

If the work of those involved is any indication, this project is set to be huge. With Damian Jones releasing a full-length big screen adaptation of the cult classic TV show Absolutely Fabulous in July, Pathe recently wrapping up the development and purchase of last year’s Suffragette, and Haigh gearing up for awards season with 45 Years’ Charlotte Rampling nominated for a Best Actress Oscar, the team seems almost unstoppable.

According to the report in Deadline, it is hoped that production on the film will be underway by the end of the year. We can only hope, because the story of the prodigious fashion icon whose meteoric rise has firmly placed him amongst the industry greats is as equally spellbinding as his suicide at age 40 was tragic.