Wide-Eyed Trevor Noah Is in Awe of Sarah Palin


Trevor Noah is still a relative newcomer to American politics, so it should come as no surprise that he welcomed Sarah Palin’s reentry into political debate with complete wide-eyed wonder. Here is a woman who is unique to the American landscape — Alaska, specifically — and who stands as the American caricature everyone around the world has always hungered for. For Noah, a South African-born political commentator, what’s not to love?

The Daily Show clip begins with Noah and his cast sitting around in the dark, telling each other scary stories. They then begin to scare Noah the scariest story, of Palin, and the show transitions to Noah at his desk, ridiculing the easily ridiculed Palin, who grandstanded in Iowa as she endorsed Trump with what could possibly 2016’s finest slam poetry performance. Noah sums up her performance perfectly when he says, “The only thing Sarah Palin hates more than Obama is punctuation.” Is Donald Trump and the 2016 election the key to Trevor Noah’s ascension to Jon Stewart status? Maybe.

Watch the full clip below. Stick with it until the very end, too, to see Donald Trump standing proudly in the background as Macho Man Randy Savage accuses some unlucky opponent of being a real big liar.