Key and Peele Put It All on the Line to Save a Cat in ‘Keanu’ Trailer


I don’t like cats, but Keanu — the titular cat from Keegan-Michael Key & Jordan Peele’s upcoming movie, Keanu — even makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And when you see a kitten that cute, don’t you think that you would do anything to keep that cat as safe as possible at all times? Apparently Key and Peele would.

After losing their kitten in a home burglary, Key and Peele set off to track down their tiny friend. Trips to visit the “17th Street Blips” (who live, of course, on 17th Street), shootouts in front of huge villas, and covert missions in “inconspicuous family vehicles” follow, and, judging from the trailer, there will be more than enough bloodshed to go around.

Coming to theaters on April 29, Keanu promises to bring enough shock value and laughter to satisfy all Key & Peele fans, both new and old.

Here kitty, kitty.

Watch the (Beware! It’s red band!) trailer below.