Marilyn Manson to Guest on ‘Salem’


If he could, Marilyn Manson would be a witch. This isn’t based on any recorded admission on his part, just a casual observance of his career, ever since his video for “Tourniquet” gave my 11-year-old self nightmares for days and days. Anyway, Manson is coming close to achieving what has surely been his lifelong desire, and will appear on an upcoming episode of WGN America’s Salem.

There’s a twist, though: Manson won’t be playing a witch, or a wizard, or a warlock. No, he’ll be playing Thomas Dinley, the town’s go-to barber and doctor, which is a combination that sounds impossible but is actually historically accurate, frighteningly enough. Manson also worked with the series’ composer to create the theme for the show, called, appropriately enough, “Cupid Carries a Gun.”

Manson has done some acting here and there over the years, most recently on Son of Anarchy as the leader of a neo-Nazi gang. This is technically a “guest starring” role, so there’s a chance it could be recurring.

The third season of Salem will air later this year.

Here’s “Cupid Carries a Gun”: