Shonda Rhimes’ ‘Romeo & Juliet’ “Sequel” Ordered to Series


What could be better than Kerry Washington mired in political intrigue, kicking ass and solving the world’s problems while wearing some beautiful designer suit? If Kerry Washington were in some absurd 14th century dress. Well, good news, then: it won’t be Kerry Washington, but some other Shonda Rhimes players will be running around in frocks, swimming in the drama of the fallout of Romeo and Juliet.

Called Still Star-Crossed, the ABC series is a one-hour drama based on Melinda Taub’s novel of the same name, which investigates how the Montagues and the Capulets have gone on living since the tragic romance of Romeo and Juliet. It finds the two families trying to reconcile by forcing a marriage of Romeo’s buddy Benvolio to Romeo’s first true love, Rosaline. Should be fun.

Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy writer Heather Mitchell will write and executive-produce the show. No word on a potential release date. Shonda Rhimes is exclusively acting as an executive producer, and will not be writing this show. Also, just to clarify, this has nothing to do with the CW’s alien love story, Star-Crossed, though that was also a retelling of Romeo and Juliet. In space.