Sarah Silverman Makes Fallon Fall Out of His Chair by Thinking About Her Beaver


Sarah Silverman was one of the guests on Thursday night’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and she brought just enough funny to outdo Mr. Funny Fallon himself.

Playing one of Fallon’s favorite games, “Word Sneak,” the two comedians went head-to-head trying to plug a few given words into casual conversation. Silverman started with “moose,” and told Fallon that her New Years resolution was to hunt more because it was good for deer and moose. Meanwhile, Fallon tried to work in “piñata,” and claimed that he only hunted when he could beat them to death with a stick like a piñata.

Later, Silverman inquired about the existence of animal “belly buttons,” and Fallon added that he never noticed because, after killing one animal, he immediately hops onto his “hoverboard” to go and kill the next one.

But it was clear that Silverman had won the entire game when she picked out her fourth word: “beaver.” After Silverman gave a nervous look to the camera, Fallon quickly followed up, “What are you thinking about?” Like a coy schoolgirl flirting for the first time, Silverman wittily replied, “My beaver.” But don’t worry, she didn’t mean it like that! “It’s not what you think! It’s what I call my pussy!”

The joke made Jimmy Fallon fall off his chair, so it’s no surprise that I fell off mine too. Fall off your own chair by watching the clip for yourself below.