McG Might Direct a Live-Action Film Version of ‘Masters of the Universe’


It’s been nearly three decades since Gary Goddard unleashed his shoddy live-action film version of Masters of the Universe on the world. And it’s been even longer than that since the Masters of the Universe franchise first started as a line of toys in the early ’80s. Although the franchise included two wildly popular television shows (He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and She-Ra: Princess of Power), Goddard’s film seemed to mark the end of an era — the entire franchise took an extended hiatus shortly after.

Talks of another live-action film version of Masters of the Universe started in 2009, but the producers could not seem to settle on a writer. Finally, after Thor‘s Christopher Yost came on as a writer last year, Deadline revealed today that McG (the famed director behind the Charlie’s Angels films) is currently in talks to take on directorial duties.

The film will focus on He-Man, a prince-cum-warrior who is put in charge of saving a magical world before it is completely destroyed by his enemy, Skeletor. No other plot points have been revealed.