Watch a Chicken’s Elaborate Revenge Fantasy in The Shoes’ New Video


Perhaps the newest trend in music videos is small and/or domesticated animals becoming huge, sprouting laser eyes, and destroying cities. Not long after Run the Jewels unleashed giant, laser-spewing cats on a miniature of New York City, French electro band The Shoes‘ new music video for their track “1960s Horror” follows suit, but with a chicken in Washington, D.C. (and Machu Picchu! And other places!)

The video’s director — Emile Sornin — happens to have woven an elaborate historical account of the woes of chickenhood, all through found footage of particularly unlucky chickens. After a couple of minutes of immersing us in the lives and deaths of historical poultry, the video switches over to chicken-revenge mode, during which the giant chicken destroys stuff.

The song features A$AP Mob’s former fashion designer/rapper, Dominic Lord (previously A$AP Dom). Like the Run the Jewels video, it could be interpreted as allegorical of other forms of systemic oppression that do not concern chickens. Or it just be a funny/disturbing (or animal rights concerned? probably not?) video about chickens. Either way, it’s revolting, amusing, and right below these very words:

[Via The Creators Project]