New David Bowie Albums Will Be Released Posthumously


As the late David Bowie’s song “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” goes: “The stars are never sleeping . . . the stars are never far away.” This is proving true for the Starman himself, as Newsweek reports that the artist prepared a number of, what sounds like, anthology albums to be released posthumously. As they put it, “a long list of unscheduled musical releases that Bowie planned before he died.”

The first release is schedule to arrive sometime in 2017. Newsweek notes that the records have “been divided into eras and will not necessarily be released in chronological order. It is not yet known whether they will contain previously unheard work, though past re-releases of Bowie’s work have.”

There’s no confirmation if the album of new material that Bowie had reportedly been working on in the weeks leading up to his death (he wrote and recorded five tracks, even) will be part of the upcoming slate.

Newsweek also confirms there won’t be a Bowie memoir, but a cast album from the artists behind Bowie’s off-Broadway play Lazarus, starring Dexter’s Michael C. Hall, is in production.