Watch a Dancer Become a Machine in the Video for Chemical Brothers’ “Wide Open” ft. Beck


The ’90s are alive and well, and not just in Portland. Last year, the Chemical Brothers released the now Grammy-nominated Born in the Echoes. That album’s “Wide Open” featured the Chem Bros. fellow ’90s star, Beck, and now that song has a video.

Directed by dom&nic — Nic Goffey and Dominic Hawley — the video features dancer Sonoya Mizuno alone in a warehouse, as her body slowly transforms into a thick, wireframe thing. The press release for the album goes so far as to elucidate on the number of anatomic rigs (107!) used to achieve the eerie, trypophobia-triggering model we see prancing and posing in the warehouse. The jargon is a little meaningless compared to the visual beauty of the video, but it really is an impressive technological feat.

Born in the Echoes is the Chemical Brothers’ eighth studio album. They burst onto the scene back with 1995’s Exit Planet Dust. Similarly, Beck’s breakthrough album was 1994’s Mellow Gold. It’s always nice to see our ’90s alt-rock stars working together, even long after they should’ve descended into irrelevancy.

Watch the video for “Wide Open” below.