Weird Al Yankovic Replaces Kid Cudi as ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ Bandleader


Weird Al Yankovic will join the cast of IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang! as the show’s new co-host and bandleader, the network announced Monday.

Yankovic, a frequent guest on the show, joins the cast after a year of shake-ups. Kid Cudi replaced original bandleader and co-host Reggie Watts, who left the show mid-way through the show’s extra-long fourth season to become band leader for The Late Late Show with James Corden.

“If you would have told me, when I was a teenager, listening and laughing along to Al’s ‘In 3-D’ album, that one day I would partner up with him, I would have asked who you were and how you got in my room,” Scott Aukerman said of the partnership. “Then I would have politely shown you the door. Because that’s how I was raised.”

While the show seeks to regain stability in its fifth season, returning to a 20-epsiode run, IFC said it expects Weird Al’s musical styling will lead to the show’s “weirdest season yet.”

Season five of Comedy Bang! Bang! will premiere this Spring on IFC.