Miley Cyrus to Play Young, Attractive Woman in Woody Allen’s Amazon Series


It’s been known for a while now that Woody Allen was developing a series for Amazon, but little other news has come out in the months since it was announced. That changes today, though: Miley Cyrus is officially starring in Allen’s as-of-yet untitled, six-part series.

Starring alongside Miley will be Elaine May. Woody Allen will also star, obviously, as himself. It’ll be set in the ’60s. Each of the episodes is just 30 minutes long, so really this is just like a really long movie with a few breaks between acts. Miley has played longer live shows than that. She’s also released an album that might as well be longer than that.

Anyway, more news as it develops. Jeremy Scott is rumored to be coming on as a costume designer, and has already begun brainstorming for cool, orthopedic footwear for Allen’s character. (Not really.)