Kanye’s Album Is Now Called ‘Waves’


Waves. Say it, know it, memorize it: it’s the name we’ll all be saying over and over again come February 11, when Kanye West releases his new album, which he has just (again) renamed, this time to Waves.

Kanye took to Twitter yesterday to announce the news, as he’s done with everything else during this most recent album cycle:

News of the name change was met with usual giddiness on social media, as King Yeezy can say no wrong — at least to his fans. There was one vocal opponent to this renaming, though: Wiz Khalifa, who took to Twitter to express his disdain at the fact that Kanye had apparently co-opted the new title from imprisoned rapper Max B, who invented “waviness” in hip hop.

To which Kanye responded:

So, at lot is happening in the Twittersphere, further proving that musicians no longer need journalists or media outlets to give comments that the whole world will see. All they’ve gotta do is say stuff in real time, or, even, have their popular spouses say it for them.

Beefs and album renaming aside, Kanye also hinted at the sound of one of the few remaining unheard tracks on the album:

Sounds pretty sweet. Anyway, regardless of all this, we’ll be hearing Waves, or Swish, or So Help Me God on February 11 when he premieres it —along with his new clothing line! — at Madison Square Garden.