Rihanna Drops Drake Collaboration, Could Be Releasing ‘Anti’ Any Time Now


Rihanna’s Anti is very much on the horizon after four years — and it’s expected, at least by Billboard‘s sources, that it’ll drop sometime between now and Friday — and thus could be being uploaded as I type this very sentence.

But since I’m now done with that sentence and Anti doesn’t seem to be upon us quite yet, there’s this: Rihanna shared another single from the album (following “Bitch Better Have My Money,” “FourFiveSeconds,” and “American Oxygen”) this morning — this one in collaboration with Drake. She initially unleashed the track, titled “Work,” on Tidal and tweeted about it early.

Meanwhile, the Twitterverse has already been overcome by “Work” fervor:

(And yes, Carrie Brownstein doesn’t deceive; the latter is also happening).

You can listen to a radio rip of the track — a mellow (very mellow for a lead single) back and forth between Rihanna and Drake meditating on the problems of a loving relationship, and how to get through them, and then saying “work, work, work, work, work, work, work” a lot — below: