Kanye West Got Very Angry at Wiz Khalifa on Twitter


Earlier today, we reported that Kanye West took to Twitter to announce the new name of his album, Waves. Wiz Khalifa responded to that announcement, saying that Kanye is not wavy, and so does not deserve to use that name. Since then, Kanye has gone off on Wiz Khalifa.

All of the tweets from Kanye have, of course, been deleted, but thanks to the beautiful Internet, they live on, forever, in JPEG form. For background, most of Kanye’s ire was due to a misunderstanding of this tweet from Wiz:

Which Kanye meant to take as something like Wiz making a pass at his wife, Kim Kardashian. First, Kanye talked about Wiz’s pants:

Then, he unfortunately brought it back to his and Wiz’s ex, Amber Rose:

Later, he noted that Wiz is skinny and tall:

Lastly, he said his name a bunch and was sad about the fact that he isn’t skinny and tall:

Wiz responded with this:

And then Kanye deleted all of those tweets, followed by this:


Meanwhile, Seinfeld2000 had this to say:

What a lovely day it’s been on the Internet.