Tidal Seems to Have Accidentally Uploaded Rihanna’s ‘Anti’ Tracklist… and It Didn’t Include “BBHMM”


Both the imminent release of and first single from Rihanna’s Anti seemed to be all anyone was talking about today — that is, before Kanye tried to pick a heated — and weird — Twitter fight with Wiz Khalifa.Some, like postmodern genius Seinfeld Current Day, commentated on Kanye’s tirade from the sidelines of their own separate Twitter accounts. The fake, grammatically curious spoof Seinfeld account noted that one could even say that Kanye “stole Rihanna’s thunder.”

But a seeming accident at Tidal — which was streaming Rihanna’s Anti single feat. Drake, “Work” — may have returned the thunder to Rihanna. Or at least ensured she and Kanye had equal thunder.

The streaming service seemed to have momentarily uploaded the album — and then duly took it down, but not before some Twitter users nabbed screencaps of the track lists. You may have been thinking, “I already know four of the singles; there won’t be much new here for me.”

But the seemingly huge news is that “Bitch Better Have My Money,” “American Oxygen” and “FourFiveSeconds” aren’t on this list. (The last two some may have been able to do without. But “Bitch Better Have My Money?!” That seems extreme.) Only “Work” remained.

Here it is: