Rihanna Releases Her ‘ANTI’ at Long Last


After an insufferable amount of time dealing with spaced out single releases, magazine covers, Dior campaign video editorials, and that weird room thing courtesy of Samsung, the release of ANTI had been relegated to a mere punchline. Finally, Rihanna announced that the album was done, only a full year after releasing “FourFiveSeconds”—the alleged “first single” with Kanye West and Paul McCartney. But given the nature of this current era it was best to still adopt an “I’ll believe it when I see it (or hear it)” attitude.

Last night the internet erupted when the album’s tracklist was revealed—not by Rihanna or anyone from her team, but rather due to an accidental uploading of the album a full two days before its rumored released. Fortunately for the fans, after the album was successfully ripped from TIDAL by some brave tech genius, Rihanna’s camp decided to give the album out early—offering some copies for free, while inadvertently trapping those who downloaded it into signing up for a free 60 day TIDAL subscription.

Oddly enough, however, this version of ANTI noticeably does not include any of the former singles that supposedly were slated for the album. The aforementioned “FourFiveSeconds”—which Rihanna actually referred to as the “first single” a year ago— “American Oxygen,” and the divisive “Bitch Better Have My Money” all failed to make the tracklist. What prompted this change is still unknown.

Despite that, the album seems to be getting great feedback—and deservedly so. Rihanna has noticed this reception and took to Twitter last night to express her appreciation.

You can listen to ANTI over at TIDAL now.