Natasha Lyonne Basically Cast Herself in ‘But I’m A Cheerleader’


The Sundance Film Festival is a great place to see films, sure, but it’s also great for the interviews that seem to be going nonstop at the Cinema Café. We posted a beautiful clip of Werner Herzog calling himself a “fluffy husband” the other day, and now we’ve got Natasha Lyonne reliving her early days in Hollywood.

The clip begins with Lyonne expounding on “ego,” but she quickly dives into a brief story of the time she and Clea DuVall — who co-starred in DuVall’s directorial debut, The Intervention — drove around Los Angeles, and Lyonne saw the script for the 1991 cult-classic But I’m A Cheerleader in DuVall’s car, and then she said, “Can I be in this movie?” and then she was in that movie, even though the director, Jamie Babbitt, was wary of the fact that she came off as a “Joe Pesci” type. But who doesn’t love a good Joe Pesci!?

Watch the clip below. Keegan-Michael Key was there, too, but, in this particular clip, all he does is nod enthusiastically.