Kevin Spacey Is an Ex-Billionaire Cat in New ‘Nine Lives’ Trailer


Kevin Spacey has played a lot of different roles throughout his expansive career: a lustful pedophile in American Beauty, a small-time conman in The Usual Suspects, and most recently, a malicious politician in Netflix’s House of Cards. But now he is poised to play what will possibly be the most dynamic role of his triple-decade career: that of a cat.

Nine Lives focuses on billionaire Tom Brand, described by thousands as the “most powerful man in the world,” who — like plenty of billionaires before him — has a warped perception of what really matters in the world. In an effort to learn the values of family, friends, and love, Brand (played by Kevin Spacey) assumes the form of a cat.

In addition to Kevin Spacey “as you’ve never seen him before,” Nine Lives will also star Jennifer Garner, Cheryl Hines, and Christopher Walken. Watch the full trailer below.