Watch: Beyoncé and Coldplay Partake in the Festival of Colors in “Hymn for the Weekend” Video


Coldplay and Beyoncé have released the music video for their collaborative track, “Hymn for the Weekend,” which sees Chris Martin sitting, posed with casual drama atop buildings and nasally singing to the sky, then taking a cab through Mumbai. The car passes through Holi, the Hindu festival of colors that celebrates love and welcomes spring. (As it’s a music video, all logic and chronology are of course subject to break, and midway through his cab ride, Martin is also performing the song with the rest of the band in the middle of the street.)

Meanwhile, Beyoncé plays the Bollywood star Chris Martin is taking a cab ride to watch. This is clearly partially strategic, as, from the looks of it, the fact that Beyoncé is only seen dancing against a colorful backdrop from within various screens means she likely didn’t have to film on location, seemingly à la the phoned in celebrity cameos in “Bitch I’m Madonna.”

Watch the video, which also incidentally features the famous Bollywood actress, Sonam Kapoor, throwing some rose petals: