David Bowie Biography Coming in 2017, Written by Paul Morley


The legacy of David Bowie is still pending, with new personal stories coming daily from friends and colleagues of the legendary performer. But somebody’s gotta write all of this stuff down and package it for easy consumption, and Paul Morley, the man who co-wrote Grace Jones’ recent memoir, just might be the one to do it. He’s getting paid to, anyway.

The forthcoming biography will be titled The Age of Bowie and is expected in 2017. Morley said in a statement (h/t New York Times):

On the day it was announced that David Bowie had died, before there was any time to think, I was asked a hundred times what I thought. What I really thought was that it would take a book to help fully process what Bowie meant to me, to music and popular culture, and to the world out there that changed because of him. Then I thought, I need to write that book.

Perhaps most interestingly, the book will delve into the final year of Bowie’s life, including the secretive production of Blackstar and the artist’s battle with cancer. Morley has been trusted as a source of Bowie-centric knowledge for some time now, having provided material for the 2013 exhibition “David Bowie Is…” He’s worked as a music journalist and band manager for most of his adult life, too, so he knows a little something about the intricacies of the music industry.